This is a phrase we hear a lot these days.  The way business has changed these days has unfortunately led to the loss of many of our country’s local places of business.  These are the businesses our great grand parents started, our grand parents took over and our parents probably could not keep profitable.  These businesses put our kids through school, helped raise grand children, put food on the table, paid for a home for the family and a car to drive everyone where they needed to go!  This is quickly becoming a thing of the past and a past that was not so long ago.  Large corporate businesses have come to town everywhere and either bought up small businesses or as in most cases just simply forced them to close  by offering cheaper prices.  What they haven’t been able to do is offer the personal one on one service that the local business offers.  The business where the owner is often there and knows many of his customers on a first name basis.  This pattern has unfortunately made its way into the gym industry.  Large box gyms that have no soul and offer memberships so inexpensive no small business can ever offer rates so low.  However the old saying that you get what you pay for applies here too!  Working on pure volume every member is just a number in the computer.  These gyms offer very little customer service since they are open 24 hours with a skeleton staff just enough to get new bodies signed up.  Some have even gone so low as to offer pizza and doughnuts for free to their members! That goes against the most important reasons people join a health club!  So if what your grand parents and parents did for you matters and you would like to be able to see your kids become successful and maybe have a chance at their own business one day, then SUPPORT LOCAL because if you don’t with the way things are going they may be working for minimum wage at some large corporate store struggling to make ends meet.  Please don’t give your hard earned money to a small group of wealthy investors that don’t live in your area and never will.  Support Local!